Our Values

Our Values

The DRCN exists to support people during the most difficult times of their lives, during the major community disruption and loss of disaster. We recognise how vulnerable people are in these circumstances, and strive to bring the highest standard of pastoral care to people. 

In selecting chaplains we are seeking people who display the following attributes:

  • Spiritual and personal formation
  • Being fully present for others (the ministry of presence)
  • Team work
  • Common sense
  • Humility and an ability to work in a command and control context

All DRCN chaplains strive to uphold the highest ethical standards.  Upon applying to join the network, each applicant signs an agreement to uphold our Code of Ethics and Guiding Principles (click to download).

Chaplains respect people’s choices. It is essentially passive in nature – and pastoral care will never be forced on anyone.

We work in cooperation with local faith group leaders, recognising that local congregations play an important part in the recovery of a community.  During and following disasters or emergency event, the DRCN supports the work of local ministry agents to equip them for the long-term pastoral care required in these areas.