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New response protocols during COVID-19

The DRCN works with the other Community Partners under Resilience NSW to respond to evacuations in disasters and emergencies across the state.  New protocols for evacuations have been designed to avoid breaching physical distancing restrictions.  DRCN Chaplains have been advised of these and Duty Officers are mindful in the deploying of chaplains in terms of where they will be drawn from (awareness of protocols) and the vulnerabilities of the chaplains and those they serve.


In the light of the COVID-19 restrictions, face to face training was postponed throughout 2020, and training continued by Zoom.

We have used the time to create new advanced training courses for our chaplains which will be running out this year.

As restrictions have eased, we are expecting to begin face-to-face training again (with all COVID-safe precautions) from February.  For a list of DRCN recruitment courses being offered in Sydney and Canberra click on the "Training" tab above.

Why train with the DRCN? 
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